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  About SHV

SHV CAPACITOR designs and manufacturers a wide range of standard and Customization film capacitors, supply Asian, European and American electronics fields, especially focus on the high voltage, high current application.

With over 40 years manufacturing experience in metallized film capacitor ,  SHV CAPACITOR has grown into a leading film capacitor manufacturer in China, from paper capacitor to hybrid film capacitor,

SHV CAPACITOR accumulated a plenty of know-how and technical innovation and has been certified ISO9001. Our facility occupies 11,000 square meters, equipped with more than 160 advanced apparatus, a complete production and inspection system with high efficiency, an experienced research & development team and rigid testing procedures.

With our facility and a highly professional and motivated team of engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance, materials management, financing and marketing, SHV CAPACITOR ensure to provide reliable products with highest quality, on time delivery and competitive cost.